The Suburbans is an eight-piece band from Gothenburg Sweden playing soul and funk from the 60s to the present day. We love and play the hits of James Brown, Wilson Pickett, Etta James, Sam & Dave, Otis Redding, Tower of Power, Al Wilson, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin among others. We also present songs from lesser known composers filling our criterias of making us rock and you dance!
Get Up, Stay Up!

The band was set up 1997, since then we have played at many occasions of all kinds, sometimes with our very own Soulmobile concept. We always do this for fun, an attitude that has given us a lot of cred as well as more gigs. Important is that the Nefertiti Jazz Club has given us a yearly gig for three years, a quality mark to fulfil.
Tobbe Eriksson, lead vocal, harmonica
Dan Holmqvist, Hammond B3, keyboards
Eje Gustavsson, guitar
Magnus Björsne, bass
Jerker Andersson, drums
Lars Persson, trumpet
Thomas Krook, tenor saxophone
Urban Ward, baritone saxophone

Suburban Guerilla Soul, the unpredictable beat and sound of the past, interpreted and fueled by modern reality. The Suburbans deal with music purely as a tool to happiness and joy, for themselves and for anyone exposed to it. Driven by curiosity and an impossible mix of influences, we turn the past into present, the same but still different, we hope you enjoy it.

The Suburbans is from Gothenburg, Sweden, and was formed as an experiment some years ago. What happens if you mix a set of professionals with an equal amount of amateurs, all driven by the some passion, fun through music? Will it work? Sure it did! The drive is still the same and as both joy and energy is contagious, come and enjoy and get carried away by our Suburban Guerilla Soul – the sound of the past turned into a modern energizer. The band has a traditional Memphis stew composition, that is; a horn section backed by a wooden B3 and rhythm&base from four plus six strings and a battery of drums. On vocals, we have TE, a genetic fusion of rock and soul. All together, like any other band – but still not. Come and find out yourself…

Suburbans loves: www.newyork.se